Checklist for a diaper bag – Tips from an experienced mom

A diaper bag is probably the most vital piece of gear which can be used by a new mom. Being a new mom, you will soon find that a diaper bag will the best saving grace when your baby is hungry or when his diaper has got dirty or just when you want your baby to stop crying. There’s no denying the fact that babies usually require lots of gear and when you include all the necessary things in your diaper bag, it will soon become a home away from home. Make sure the diaper bag has lots of pockets so that it fits all of your baby’s needs.

So, what are the most essential things that you should include within your diaper bags? If you still don’t know about them, here is a list that you should keep in mind.


It goes without mentioning that diapers are a MUST! Being a mom, you should never be caught with less than at least 5 diapers and this number will keep on changing depending on the time for which you will remain out of your house or according to the age of your baby. You have to also remember that smaller babies usually go through more diaper changes than older babies.


The box of wipes which are packed for a traveler usually come with a bigger box and you should immediately put them inside your diaper bag. In case you’ve got an extra set, you can also store them inside your car. If you’ve got a plastic storage bag, pack a stack of wipes and make sure you have enough of them as those little bottoms can make a big mess indeed.


If your baby is mostly in diapers, he might suffer from a sore back and this can flare up all of a sudden when you least expect it. You should therefore have a rash cream ready in your diaper bag so that you can apply it to get instant benefits.


You take into account any diaper bag and you will find them equipped with the best changing pads but in case they don’t have, you should carry one of your own. If there is a situation where your baby needs to immediately change his diaper and you’re at a place where you can’t put him down, this changing pad will be of immense use. While you buy these changing pads, always go for the water-resistant ones as they get cleaned sooner.


When your baby burps, he may throw off on your shoulder and to avoid dirtying your clothes, you should carry these light rags of cloths which are called burp cloths. These burp cloths can also be used to wipe spit-up and faces. The cloth diapers which are bought for wiping faces are absorbent, soft for the delicate skin of your baby.

Are you equipped with enough details to load your diaper bag? If answered yes, get each one of them inside your diaper bag before you travel to some place.

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