Tech vs Class – Should You Buy a Traditional Watch or a Smartwatch?

From the times of Pulsar, first digital watch, in 1972 to the Garmin Fenix 5 series in 2017, smartwatch industry has witnessed tremendous evolutions. Due to various benefits associated with smartwatch such as wireless connectivity and integration of utility apps, buyers are getting inclined towards buying smartwatches. According to Gartner, 310.4 million wearable devices will be sold in 2017. Click here if you wish to buy one for yourself.

Does this mean that the era of a smartwatch has arrived or the era of traditional watches is on the verge of extinction? We don’t think so. The traditional watches are still a rage amongst buyers. What are the factors responsible for the sale of traditional watches in this digital era? And if you had a choice to buy a watch, which one will you choose? There are several questions pertaining to debate on smartwatch versus traditional watch. Come, let us explore them.

Why should you opt for Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is relatively a new concept that is determined to change the wristwatch industry. In order to confirm your smartwatch purchase, you should first acquaint yourself with the concept of the smartwatch. Smartwatch is a device that is equipped with a hardware as well as software to function as a technological accessory.

There was a time when the digital watch was a rage amongst buyers. Nowadays, smartwatches intrigue buyers considerably. The main reason for this interest is the technological prowess with respect to smartwatches and the utility of this compact device. So if you are a tech-savvy person who is reliant on technology to accomplish most of the tasks, then smartwatch is for you.

For an instance, if you are an athlete who wants to track his or her performance and fitness levels, then smartwatch can be beneficial for you. Some of the smartwatches such as Fitbit and Garmin can evaluate readings pertaining to your body such as blood pressure, heartbeat, calories burnt, and so on. You can optimize your fitness levels with the help of smartwatches. In this case, the smartwatch is meant for you.

As the technology evolves, smartwatch technology also evolves. Currently, the smartwatch is integrated with technologies such as GPS, Bluetooth, hotspot, Android and iOS apps, sensors, and much more. So if you purchase a smartwatch now, it is possible that after some years, it might become redundant. Further, at the cost of the smartwatch, you can purchase a traditional watch with some fascinating features.

Why should opt for Traditional Watch?

If you are more inclined towards aesthetics of the watch, you should definitely opt for a traditional watch. The precious stones embedded in the watch bezel, the material used, and strap of the watch, seconds hand, the make, and much more; these matters hold utmost significance. And for the avid lovers of wrist watches, traditional watches are always the first preference.

Well, truly speaking, it is not just about the materials used in the traditional watch. It is the status symbol that it holds. If there are several individuals wearing a smartwatch and if you are the one wearing a classic, traditional watch; you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

At last, we would like to say that smartwatch and traditional watch are simply incomparable. It is not just about the intimation of the time but it is about your preference and utility. If you are into sports, outdoor activities, or want technological support; you should opt for smartwatches. And if you wish to flaunt a traditional watch in a formal occasion or in your workplace, it is wise to purchase a traditional watch that suits your standards.

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