Helix piercing- An ultimate ear piercing

Actually, the helix piercing is a single or multiple slashes of the upper ear cartilage. It is situated on a curve of the outer ear, which is called as top ear piercing. At present, the helix piercing is now available in unique distinctions. You may also need to try two or three holes just one above the other, which is known as double or triple helix piercing. Alternatively, you may also interest in the forward helix piercing that can be a slash of the front cartilage, which is placed very close to your face. It is totally different to the standard helix piercing that is usually done at the upper rear area of an ear cartilage.

The helix piercing is a type of piercing of the exterior rim of the ear cartilage. The whole ear is made up of cartilage and if you already have a hole in the outside rim of cartilage, then it is helix piercing. Actually, this is one of the most famous kinds of ear piercings available today, after the ear lobe piercing. Its healing time is around 6 to 10 months and one must follow the entire aftercare suggestions to obtain a fantastic healthy piercing in less than 6 or more months. This form of cartilage heals very slowly than the ear lobe.

Advantages of helix piercing

With this helix piercing, you will not trouble about pain during this entire procedure. The major reason is that the curve of outer ear does not even have several nerve endings. Stills, there are some real effects that always based upon the execution manner as well as on the professionalism of piercing master.

The helix piercing also enables you to merge it with any other types of piercing. In this way, you have room to show your creativity. For instance, this helix piercing can be done along with the manufacturing one. But, you should keep in mind that this manufacturing piercing will always need dual holes to insert a perfect jewelry. With such alteration, you will also obtain an excellent ear decoration.

What happens during helix piercing?

Your piercer will always ask you on the placement you need. When it comes to wearing the helix piercing, you can have your piercing at the top side of your ear or simply below a little bit more. There are plenty of cartilages in an upper ear, so you need more choices to select from. When you are obtaining your ears pierced, many of the piercers will prefer to build a sign on your skin, so that you should ensure about the placement, before anything permanent is done. Once the mark is made, you have signed off on it. Also, once you decide where you need your helix piercing to be, you must be aware of your piercer that would disinfect the surface of your skin very quickly. After that, you will use a think hallow needle to create a hole again. Once the needle is pulled over, this helix piercing jewelry will be placed instantly.

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