A Simple Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Men’s Wristwatch 

Most people don’t give watches the attention it deserves when buying. They end up with pieces they cannot understand to use or when to wear.

Here is vital information to help you land the perfect watch for men:

Watch Movements

Movement is the most common term you have to be conversant with when it comes to watches. It entails how the hand moves on the face and the inner workings of the watch. The movement determines the effectiveness of the watch.

The three main types of movement are,


An automatic watch comes with an inbuilt rotor and an integrated slipping clutch that allows for automatic ticking. Your watch automatically moves depending on your arm movements.

Automatic watches do not require a battery to run. It also comes with smooth movement and is made with precision. The only concern of using these watches is sensitivity to the environment and the likelihood of losing accuracy after some time. They are also a little pricey to purchase.


Mechanical is one of the oldest watched that provides for manual winding of a mainspring. The mainspring and build quality determine the smoothness in movement and accuracy. The watch does not require a battery to operate and comes with an inspiring classic charm. The only concern is that it is sensitive to the environment and have a level of inaccuracy.


Quartz is some of the most common watches in the world today. It is not only affordable but also entirely accurate. They come to few moving parts hence not sensitive to the environment. The watch is powered by electricity from a small battery. The only issue with a quartz watch is less smooth movement and lack of aesthetical appeal.


Complications are the additional features of a watch. Some of the additional standard features are alarms, repeaters, calendars, and chronograph.

Types of Watches

At the moment there are quite a lot of categories of watches, and more will be invented. For the sake of the classical man wear, here are main types of watches to consider;

  • Dress Watches

These are simple watches made for a simple, sleek, and sophisticated look. This leather watch can come in a circular, square, or rectangle case. It is excellent for formal occasions, and you can wear it with any formal outfit.

  • Field Watches

This is a multi-functional watch made for all occasions. The watches are known for their stylish and functional features. Their versatility allows you to wear them with any outfit.

  • Dive Watches

Popularized by James Bond, dive watches are currently the most common men watches. They are water-resistant are intended for near or in water use. Wear them with any clothing.

  • Racing watches

Racing watches come with more significant cases and numerical and brighter straps. They also include the date and a chronograph. They are great for casual wear.

Picking the Perfect Size

Choosing the right watch size is essential for comfortability and functionality. The size depends on your wrist size. For example, the men’s 36mm watches are ideal for wrists of 6 – 7 inches’ circumference.  The best way to determine if the watch fits is by trying it on.


Watches are the ultimate fashion complementary pieces that won’t go away.  The several types of watches allow you to choose a watch, depending on your budget and needs.

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