Top 9 tips when buying jewelry on the Internet

Jewelry has always been one of the most popular gifts ever. But what do you have to look for when buying jewelry? We have written a short guide to help you find the right jewelry and avoid the awakening of buying jewelry online.

1) Does the jewelry fit you?

The question of all questions when buying jewelry, whether on the Internet or in the stationary store is first of all: Does the jewelry fit to you as a person? What is the general image you have or which you want to send out to others? If you are more of an extravagant person who loves to show this out of the jewelry as well, then jewelry is recommended. But if you are rather the opposite, then rather simple jewelry is recommended.

2) Does the jewelry fit your outfit?

Apart from your general type of jewelry, the decision to buy jewelry always depends on their particular outfit. What is the reason you plan to wear the jewelry? Everyday jewelry should be a little simpler, more robust, more practical and comfortable than would be the case with the extravagant evening wear. There it can shine. Depending on the purpose, different pieces come into question.

3) Does the piece of jewelry & your outfit match common etiquette?

If you give credit to Salka Schwarz and her work “Renaissance of courtesy”, women should not wear more than seven jewels at a time. In this case, not more than three gold ring should be attached simultaneously on both hands. However, what you also want to display as jewelry on your body, be it an elegant bracelet, the extravagant wristwatch or the necklace, is up to you. Here, only the selection and combination of the respective pieces is crucially crucial in order to comply with common etiquette.

4) Differences in quality:

There are differences not only in wedding rings and expensive jewelry, but there are also quality differences within the fashion jewelry. The highest quality fashion jewelry pieces are those that have a small stamp engraved with “925”. This is the original sterling silver. The most expensive material in the fashion jewelry area. However, also the processing plays a significant role, which decides whether a piece of jewelry has very high quality and thus carries a higher price or less. Good indicators of good workmanship are looking at the connections between different elements of the piece of jewelry. Looking it stable and confidence-inspiring, that is a good sign and testifies to good quality.

5) Pay attention to sufficient information about the material:

To assess the quality correctly, it is extremely important to look carefully at the information on the material and the jewelry. Which material is listed here? What is behind the jewel? If there is no information to be found here, it is better to keep your fingers out.

6) Are you affected by allergies?

Of course, but not to forget: Pay close attention to the materials if you are allergic. Because once allergic reactions occur while wearing, the jewelry can look so beautiful. Nickel should definitely be avoided. Just like lead. This also applies to all non-allergic persons.

7) Pay attention to enough photos.

To understand whether the particular piece of jewelry fits to a person, to his own image and his own appearance, good and high-resolution photos are incessant. Since you do not even own the jewelry in your own hands, photos of the product are one of the most important elements to get a precise idea of ​​it. You should pay attention to the following four things in the photos:

  • There are many different photos
  • They are high resolution & professionally made
  • They show different perspectives and sides of the jewel
  • Also helpful: A photo of the piece of jewelry on a person

8) Do you have a right of return?

Despite photos and detailed considerations in advance, it may be that the jewelry looks different in the end when wearing, as you have imagined. In rings, it can also happen that despite the correct size measurement, this does not fit perfectly. This is normal and not bad at all. However, it is extremely important to inquire in advance how the exchange and refund procedures are so that you can send back your jewelry in case of non-compliance.

9) Cancel invoices or purchase confirmation

It is always helpful after the order to cancel the invoice or the purchase confirmation. Because in the case that one has further questions with the respective on-line shop, one can show thus the appropriate order number and any other proof to its order. This can prevent significant stress. Believe me, I myself could have spared myself so many discussions with it. But you never learn! 🙂

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