Tips For The Perfect Outfit For Your Engagement Photos

You have found the love of your life and especially when he had gone down on one knee and proposed. You must be on seventh cloud and there are rainbows everywhere. Now you have an engagement party to plan. You need to design invitations whether they are of save the date ones or of actual wedding. You now have to select a beautiful dress keeping in mind there is a photo-shoot involve. The engagement pictures are going to appear everywhere for example, your picture wedding guest book, save the date, wedding website and most importantly on the walls of your beautiful home.

This means you need to look your best and first thing that you need to coordinate with your partner is the engagement dress. Girls spend their lots of time and money on dresses. Unfortunately, much of this time and money goes to waste because of some simple mistakes and hasty decisions. There is no doubt that buying a designer outfit for your engagement tends to be frustrating and costly but not necessarily. With the help of the following tips you can get an awesome dress without much hassle.

Go for neutral and pastel colors

Since this is one of the most important days of your life, you want to be the center of attention. But this doesn’t mean you should go for such bright colors that you would appear as a neon sign in your pictures. Yes, bright colors give a happy touch but they also snatch all the attention towards the dress. Try to use warm, neutral or pastel colors that would bring out the happiness that you are radiating. The focus should be on the bond and love among you not the bright color dress.

Design a color theme and stick to it

You have thought of a color that you are wearing during your engagement shoot. Try to create a synergy meaning a theme accentuating the dress. Try to imagine how the background should be, what flowers should be used if any, what your partner should wear that compliments your dress. It doesn’t mean you and your partner should wear same dresses. Create a harmony of colors.

Shop When You have Enough Time

People usually make the mistake of leaving clothes shopping to the last minute, which becomes the cause of frustration and unsatisfactory results. Make sure to shop when you have enough time to browse at your leisure and try on everything.

You Must Try the Outfit On before Buying

Sometimes, we buy a dress right off the rack because it looks so beautiful before trying it on but later, we find out that the dress looks awful on us regardless of the fact that the size is fine. As a general rule, you must try every outfit on before buying it whether you have the time or not. You need to find the dress that is perfect for your body type and compliments your skin tone.

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