3 Things That Make a High-Quality Necklace Look Cheaper 

Shopping for your first set of jewelry is never a walk in the park. If you are buying a necklace and earrings for the first time, you should consider the quality and other factors like the material used in making the jewelry, the design, length, and price.

Many things make a cheaper necklace look expensive on the eye. When shopping for silver jewelry, you should watch out for factors that make your necklace look cheaper when you’ve actually spent a lot to acquire it.

1. A Beaded necklace 

Most beaded necklaces look cheap from a distance. When you have a jewel with some random beads, it’s hard to tell its quality. Sometimes it may look like your necklace is just a piece of string and some beads you’ve made at home.

When spending on a high-quality necklace, you should go for one with a mature look. You can buy pieces that only prioritize beads for accents. You should also avoid necklaces with large beads if you want your accessory to have a young and decent look.

Instead of glass and plastic beads, you can use semi-precious and pearl stones as beads. If you are spending on a beaded jewel, you should find one with a fair mix of beads and strings to look modern and expensive.

2. Necklace with shiny and bright surface 

The type of material used in making your necklace is an essential factor you should consider when shopping for a quality jewel. Your jewel will look cheaper if it comes with a shiny and bright colored metal surface.

Most cheap necklaces are made of metal alloys coated plastics that resemble metals. When going for a gold or silver coated necklace, you should ensure it’s not that shiny or brighter. You can always choose slightly darker metals over shiny metals for expensive jewels. A slightly darker tone and little richness can add some quality to your necklace and make it look expensive.

3. A delicate or flimsy necklace 

What makes your necklace look cheaper is the weight. A heavier metal necklace looks more expensive than a shiny and lighter metal necklace. When your necklace is lighter, it easy to tell that it’s made of some cheap aluminum metal.

The weight of your jewelry should be proportional to its size and the material it’s made of. Since the necklace’s weight will determine how it hangs and moves on your body. When the jewelry is lighter, it’s always easy to conclude that it’s cheap. The jewelry should be made to last longer with some quality material. It should have some screws, and everything soldered together for longevity.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a high-quality necklace is not that easy for most shoppers. If you are spending some good money on a quality necklace, you should consider the material, size, and weight.

Always avoid light, shiny, and coated necklaces because they appear cheap when you wear them. If you want to stand out and look stylish you should shop for high-quality and expensive necklace.

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