What Are The Basic Types of Totes?

A clutch and a small hand bag can be quite the nice accessory but if you are a busy person on the go you may need to take a few more things with you for the day. Tote bags make excellent options for carrying around multiple important pieces in a stylish way. You can accessorize any outfit with the right type of tote bag.

If you are looking for a top ten list of the most sought-after tote bags you can check out https://www.rankandstyle.com/top-10-list/best-tote-bags, but we’re going to discuss the everyday basic types of tote bags first.

Tote bags can consist of leather or fabric. You will easily be able to dress up your work outfit with a leather designer tote. If you are enjoying an afternoon at the ball park or a day out with your family you may want to opt for something that is machine washable and more casual. Fabric totes come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate any type of outing.

The basic tote sizes are the same as purse sizes. Small, medium, large and extra-large totes are available for purchase. You may be wondering where you can acquire a casual tote for your day to day activities. Most big box stores actually carry a great selection of fabric and canvas totes. Sometimes you can also find plastic or straw made totes. These are exceptionally cute for a day at a park or beach.

If you don’t like the selection that you are finding at your local big box retailer don’t worry. Specialty work from home companies are popping up everywhere that offer totes in all varieties. A simple internet search of “tote home party” will give you all of the local businesses that feature catalogs and home shows. Representatives will come to your house with their totes for you and your guests to see. You can then order directly from a catalog or online. In many cases these types of parties will yield hostess rewards and sometimes you can even earn a free tote for hosting. If you aren’t much for home parties and catalog shopping you can still find stylish totes in other places. Home decor stores usually have a small selection of tote bags, online stores will feature a variety of tote bags, your local resale shop will probably have an eclectic collection of new and vintage totes.

The insides of tote bags are designed with functionality in mind. Work totes that are stylish and office savvy will have a sleek design inside that will make it easy to find whatever you are looking for. Totes that are designed for picnics and days at the park or beach will often have a larger interior and more pockets for separating essentials. Some totes are so large that they can double as weekend bags and are absolutely perfect for storing all of your essentials for a few days away. These offer all of the compartments as a suitcase with minimal bulk.


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