Simple At-Home Exercises to Shed Your Body Weight and Get Healthy Body

As more and more people are confined to home, the chances of weight gain and linked health issues such as obesity, diabetes, etc. are also increasing. Fortunately, you don’t need to go outside to shed body weight. There are a couple of exercises that we are sharing with you today that can help you achieve a gradual reduction in body weight. Let’s start!

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Bodyweight push-ups can be an amazing weight reduction exercise if you are a beginner. The exercise works on your upper body including arms, triceps, chest, back, and shoulders to give you a complete upper body workout.

Just a few sets twice a week will help you keep your weight under control.  The best part is that this exercise doesn’t require much space, and equipment to shed a good number of calories in every session.

Pull Bodyweight Training

Pull body training can be a strenuous exercise. It involves two types of motions that are made with arms i.e., pull and push. The repetitive motion of your arms exercises your forearms, biceps, triceps, upper back, and chest.

Start by warming up your body and Start moving your shoulders upwards and downwards in circles. While inhaling, roll your shoulders and bring them close to your ears. While exhaling, allow shoulder blades to touch as they slide down the spine. Repeat this move a few times. Change the direction of the movement.

Next, extend your legs in the front. Fold your upper body in the forward direction. Don’t lock your knees. Try to touch your knees with the forehead. After some breaths, sit up straight. Maintaining control, lower yourself onto the back.


Sit-up is an amazing pull body training that also helps reduce your body weight. Look for a place that is above your level and in the distance. Bend your knees. Look in your front. Place your hands on the thighs. Lift your chest while you slide your hands up in the direction of your knees. Do two sets of twenty reps.

Hip Bridges

This is a lower-body exercise. Lie down on the floor. Bend your legs from your knees. Your knees should face an upward direction. Put your palms facing the ground, and next to your sides. Gently lift the pelvis towards the sky. With proper control, lower the booty to the mat.

Remember that you only have to lift from the pelvis and do not use the back while doing the move. Keeps the toe facing in an outward direction as you will experience nice pressure on your lower region? Do 3 sets of 10 reps. It is a good move to strengthen your booty and leg muscles.


A lot of gym junkies are seen to lack emotional control and mental stability. They lose their emotional control just at the drop of the hat and feel restless when things don’t go in their favor. This is because these Hollow Ego Balls lack “Mental Strength” and “Emotional Control”.

These valuable and most sought traits are so important in “All Round Development”. This lockdown period is an opportunity for such helpless and underdeveloped personalities to practice yoga poses.

Suryanamaskar is a set of yoga asanas that have been scientifically proven to reduce body weight. Where the above exercises benefit only on the physical level, it also strengthens your emotional and mental faculties of the body in the following ways.

  • Reduce restlessness and calms your mind
  • Make you Rock Solid with an undying SMILE on your face
  • Improves your Aura and Energy Levels
  • Keep You Optimistic, Collected, and Centered even in the face of adversities
  • Enhance Intuitive abilities
  • Make you more Accepting towards Ignorant Behaviour of people
  • To blossom like a Lotus Flower amidst of Muddy Water


Losing bodyweight is just one aspect of a healthy body. Fitness has to be on all levels: mental, emotional, and physical levels, instead of focussing single-mindedly on shedding weight, work towards strengthening your mind and purifying your emotions.

Along with the above moves, incorporate yoga into your fitness routine. Not just it will help you in weight management, but will also make you emotionally stable and mentally strong.

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