Wireless Earphones with Mic are the Future of Entertainment

If you are a music fanatic, an artist, or producer, the quality of sound is largely dependent on the type of equipment in use. The music player, computer, and smartphone, among other gadgets, come in handy in determining the quality of music. However, there is one more very important item: wireless headphones. 

After years of getting tethered to music devices, the world has now broken loose, ushering in a new era of entertainment freedom. Welcome to the world of wireless earphones. So effective and impressive is the new technology that the latest smartphones do not have headphone jacks. So, to listen to music or take a call without reaching out for your phone, you must have a wireless earphone with mic. 

Why are people taking so much interest in wireless earphones with mic? Keep reading as we take a closer look to determine the main advantages of using wireless earphones with mic. We will also highlight the main technologies used with wireless earphones. 

The Main Benefits of Using Wireless Earphones with Mic

The main advantage of using wireless earphones is that they do not have cords or wires. This means that you do not have to worry about getting distracted or struggling to untangle the wires when making a presentation. Other benefits that come with using wireless earphones with mic include:

  • They are light and compact to use.
  • Stylish and easy to match with your outfits.
  • Works with most devices, from smartphones to music players.
  • Delivers awesome sound quality.
  • Easy to pair with other devices.
  • Noise-canceling features make it possible for you to enjoy music when working in noisy backgrounds.

What are the Main Technologies used in Wireless Earphones?

The technology used in wireless earphones with mic has evolved rather fast in the last decade. With the impressive reception, the current heavy investment in research & development point to one thing: wireless earphones are the future of entertainment. Here is a closer look at these technologies used in the design of wireless headphones:

  • SBC 

The initial Bluetooth technology that compressed audio signals produced heavy and harsh digital sound. This made designers rethink the technology and that is how SBC codec was developed. It allows for the streaming of high-quality stereo audio and has become a sort of a standard in the wireless earphone niche.

  • aptX

Although SBC has been pretty effective, companies are moving ahead to make the sound quality even better. One of the alternatives is the aptX, which delivers a sort of CD-like performance. It uses compressed audio at a bitrate rate of 352 Kbps. Its latency is also pretty low.

  • aptX HD

This codec was designed as an improvement of aptX to allow streaming at higher bitrate rates of up to 576 Kbps. It also comes with lower latency compared to aptX and SBC. Most of the latest smartphones support aptX HD.

  • AAC

AAC is an enhanced variation of SBC. Unlike aptX, AAC uses a lower bitrate (256Kbps) but delivers even higher efficiencies that can match aptX or surpass it. It is also preferred for some of the best wireless earphones with mic because it helps to protect sound quality.

As you can see, wireless earphones with mic come with a long list of benefits. The technology they use is also advancing pretty fast, making the devices to be considered the future of entertainment. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure you select a wireless headphone that is compatible with the music player of choice and uses the latest codec.

Make sure to also work with the leading brands for quality assurance and higher value for money. Good examples of the best wireless earphones with mic that you should consider are Happy Plugs Hope True Wireless Headphones and the Air 1 Plus Earbud True Wireless Headphones.

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