Common Mistakes of Using Ambient Scenting


With the modern technologies continuously innovating, it is possible to get lost in the number of options in marketing your business. One effective strategy you might want to consider is ambient scenting. Also known as scent marketing, ambient scenting can give your guests or customers a memorable sensory experience and lasting impression.

Through scent, you can directly influence how your brand, products, and services are perceived or remembered by your target audience. Through ambient scenting, you can create a custom scent that will bring unique guest experiences that are positive and beneficial to your business. From the moment your customers or guests enter your business facility, they will feel that their experience is exceptional.

Scent can enhance any environment, from retail stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, up to bars and gyms. These days more and more brands worldwide recognize that the use of fragrance can be advantageous to their business. Ambient scenting can leave a positive impression on your customers that will remain vivid even after they leave your business facility.

But before you plan your next ambient scenting strategy, here some of the common mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Not carefully choosing scent

Ambient scenting can have a huge effect on your guests and customers. It can make or break your branding, depending on how you plan, design, and use it. If you already have an existing marketing strategy in place, it will be best to plan the scent logo based on the marketing materials you have at hand. Use your company’s brand image, vision, and mission to come up with a scent that will mirror what your branding is all about. Remember that you can use ambient scenting to make a powerful connection with your customers so take advantage of this opportunity to use the right scent that will strongly make customers easily remember your brand.

  1. Not being consistent with branding

If you are not new in marketing your brand, you probably already know how important consistency. Just like the huge brands out there such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and McDonalds, consistency makes it easier for customers to remember your brand. Not being consistent with your scent logo could confuse your customers. If you keep on changing your hotel or retail store scent, customers could not easily associate the scent to your brand. The ambient scenting should be constantly dispersed in your business facility for it to become synonymous to your branding.

  1. Dispersing strong fragrances

Not all customers would appreciate strong fragrances. Some may find it relaxing, while some may find it nauseous or irritating. For ambient scenting to work, the custom scent should be simple and subtle yet memorable. It should not distract your customers from shopping. Instead, it should help them enjoy their experience and make them want to stay in your business facility for longer hours. Just like the music or lighting in your store, gym, bar, or hotel, the aroma should not be overpowering that people would want to leave your place at once.

  1. Not asking an expert’s advice

Some companies are so invested in scent marketing that they even hire fragrance companies to perfect their ambient scenting strategy. If you are one of them, it will be best to hire a company that has been known in the industry to deliver quality service. Similar to when you are hiring your staff, you want a team that is knowledgeable in helping your reach your business goals.

If you are in search for a fragrance company to help you plan and design a custom scent, get in touch with la Brise de parfums. Their expertise in ambient scenting assures you that you will reach your business goals in no time. Contact them now for more details.


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