How to Measure Eyeglasses?

Being comfortable in your body is connected to what you wear which includes accessories like your glasses. You would want to find something that suits your personality and fits properly. It won’t matter which brand you get if you don’t fight the right size because it will bother you and won’t look great so focus on the features before choosing the product.

A good thing is that it isn’t complicated if you already own a pair because each one has its measurements on the side and you can just copy it and you can enjoy your Gucci Glasses in no time. If that isn’t the case, you should know a few things before going to the optician or before you order online. Most people make a mistake when they order because they look just at the design.

How to Measure the Lenses?

You can get the dimensions right away by reading the 3 numbers on the side of the temple arm which is the part that goes behind your ears. For example, it will be written like 45-40-140 which is presented in millimeters. The first number is the width of the lens, the second is the width of the bridge and the last one is the temple-arm length. You can find out them on your own by measuring them yourself.

It can be difficult when the glass isn’t a simple piece of glass but when you are finding out the width make sure you are doing it without the plastic or metal surrounding because it shouldn’t be counted in. In most cases, it will go from 35 to 60. You don’t have to think about the curved lines of the glass because you will bring the frame when they are making the lenses.

The last step would be to calculate the vertical height of the lens from top to bottom. Make sure you are doing it right with the round eyeglasses because it needs to be from the very top of the curve. These dimensions usually go from 21 to 45 millimeters or 0.83-1.77. For progressive or bifocal lenses you will need to get at least 30 millimeters. Find more on this link.

Getting Your Frame Dimensions

Measuring the frame can also be a bit tricky because most of the models aren’t flat so you can have trouble using the ruler. Place it in front and check the width from the top right to the top left corner. These should be the farthest points depending on the model. They usually vary between 110 and 150 mm. You should also know the distance of the bridge which is the part that goes on your nose.

The bridge is a very important part because it should fit perfectly so your glasses won’t feel loose or too narrow. The numbers go from 5 to 25 depending on your face type. The length of the temple arms is the last part and you will need to do it twice because every model has the curve that goes behind the ears. It isn’t so difficult you will just need to tilt the ruler for the curved part of the temple arm.

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