How to Choose Stylish Men’s Waterproof Jackets

When you’re going out in the rain, you don’t want to worry about whether your jacket can stand up to the weather or look good. You want stylish yet functional waterproof men’s jackets that make you look great. That’s what this guide will help you find out! Before making your purchase, check out these tips to find the most stylish men’s waterproof jackets for your wardrobe.

1.   Fabric and Material Choices

Though there are many different fabric options, waterproof jackets are often from one of three materials: nylon, polyester, or cotton. The material you choose depends on how active you plan to be in your jacket and how much money you want to spend. Nylon is durable but inflexible; it’s excellent for roughhousing with friends but poor for hiking through a jungle. Polyester has great range and breathability but can make your body feel hot and constricted after a while.

Cotton is comfortable and soft, making it ideal for lounging around at home or going out on a date—but if you’re planning an intense physical activity like rock climbing or surfing, steer clear of cotton as it absorbs water quickly. However, polyester is the most popular choice due to its durability and price point. When shopping for a rain jacket men, try on several types of fabric until you find one which is functional and feels best against your skin.

2.   Design Choices

When you begin searching for stylish men’s waterproof jackets, one of your first decisions will be whether you want a traditional coat or an updated version with modern accents- the latter help keep up with fashion trends. However, some styles mix design elements from different generations. If you prefer a classic look, you can find coats made of wool or fleece that come in tasteful color combinations like navy and black. Whether you’re looking for a long jacket, fishtail parka, or short hooded coat, you’ll also have options for design.

An excellent place to start is by thinking about what activities you’ll use your new coat for most often—and how warmly it needs to protect you from winter weather. For example, a down-filled jacket might be perfect if you need something lightweight but warm enough for cooler temperatures. On the other hand, a heavy-duty coat lined with quilted insulation would offer more protection if you live in a cold climate with lots of snow on the ground year-round.

3.   Style Choices

Navigating those jackets can be tricky with a bewildering array of styles and options. Style options include zip-up, zip-down, rain slicker style, or waterproof parkas. Your style will depend on where you plan to wear them and what kind of look you’re going for in your jacket. If you’re looking for something that makes an impression at work or in social situations, consider picking a parka with a bold design or bright color scheme.

Simple designs in neutral colors are always fashionable for more casual use. Remember that some models have additional features like inner pockets or built-in hoods when choosing a style. Consider whether it’s worth paying extra for these extra features.

4.   Adaptable to Optimal Weather Conditions

Choose a waterproof jacket that is optimal for your lifestyle and weather conditions. If you tend to live in rainy climates, keep an eye out for rain-resistant jackets that are seam-sealed, which provide extra protection against water seeping through the fabric. Optimal functionality is essential, as you’ll want your coat to keep you comfortable no matter what weather Mother Nature throws you.

Look for jackets with adjustable hoods, waterproof zippers and pockets, and drawstrings on hoods or waistbands. Also, consider how well your jacket will perform in different temperatures; if you know it will be freezing where you live or work, look for models with insulation or removable layers.

5.   Fit/Tailoring and Color Choices

To look great on a waterproof jacket, you must make some choices. Make sure your men’s waterproof jacket fits well. Unpadded or lightly padded styles are often more comfortable than fully-padded options. When trying jackets on, pay close attention to how they feel—too tight? Too loose? Do all of your clothes fit well in them?

If not, try another style. Also, ensure that seams stitch together smoothly and that there aren’t any loose threads hanging off them. The same goes for zippers: no matter what type of zipper you choose (or don’t choose), ensure it works properly before making a purchase. Finally, be mindful of color choices when buying men’s waterproof jackets.


The waterproof jacket is a wardrobe staple during cold-weather months. Whether on a hike or hanging out at a coffee shop, you want clothing that looks good and works hard. Fortunately, with some great brands of men’s jackets, you can meet both of these requirements. The above tips can help you find stylish men’s jackets that fit your body type and aesthetic preferences. However, it’s crucial to source your coat from a reputable rain jacket online store for men and pick one that meets your needs and is comfortable.

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