Few Reasons Why You Must Reconsider Flush-Mounted Lights

Over the last few decades, flush-mounted lights have been getting a bad rap because of overuse of dome-shaped lamp that you can often find in most of the low-price hardware stores. However, this lighting element has many different styles and many applications.

Flush mounts do not usually hang down from ceiling on a chain or cord unlike chandeliers or pendant lights.

Poorly made products should not deserve any place in your home. SOFARY round chandelier and other lighting fittings are made with exacting standards and assessed as the similar criteria used by various luxury retailers.

Flush mounts will also work with any modern-style spaces that can add little gallery-like interest even of it is paired with any simple pot-lights.

In our kitchen overhead lighting will be useful to eliminate shadows, however, such pot-lights may not always suit the appearance, especially in more traditional space. Besides that, when you are going to add lights to your existing ceiling, then there is always enough cavity space is not available for recessed fixture.

Short flush mount can also achieve similar effect, with less minimalist aesthetic as well as less invasive construction.

Also, in bedroom, living room as well as bathroom, a flush-mounted mini chandelier lights can also add a very manageable and tasteful shot of glamour for the space and offers certain visual depth to your ceiling without giving you a hunch over whenever you walk through.

Few other good reasons of using flush mounted ceiling lights

  1. A round-shaped flush mounted ceiling light is available in either single or double ring will not only impart a very cool and modern appearance, but also it can help in eliminating any extra heat that will get emitted during the operation.
  2. Energy-savings that one can achieve by switching from incandescent surface mounted fixture to LED is quite significant.
  3. External housing of the mount is usually built of an opaque acrylic material that allows light beam to get easily diffused throughout your interior space and as a result, you will get uniform lighting all throughout the space.
  4. The different varieties of flush mount will come in different color temperature ranges. Few of them may come in the color temperature ranges of 3 000K to 5000K while few others come as a CCT changeable such that it will be possible for you to easily switch between 3 different light colors by using the same light fixtures.
  5. This kind of product has got all the required certifications that will qualify it for total product safety use while few others may allow you to have sufficient rebates.
  6. The product will come as dimmable, thus will allow you to easily change the intensity of your light when you do not want any light and thus save few additional energy.
  7. The product is quite easy to install too.


All the information provided above should be sufficient to have decent kind of lighting and the one that will allow you to create a cozy, warm ambience or to accomplish any short tasks that may not require too much detail.


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