Tips for choosing your Evening Dresses

The perfect style and color for your evening dresses.

Graduation, a wedding, a baptism or a special dinner, are some of the perfect excuses for you to look like a Hollywood actress. Buying a dress for a special event is one of the favorite moments of all. Since you were very little, you dreamed of dressing in a long dress like a Disney princess. Suddenly you grow, and when you least expect it, that dream comes true. You have the honor of going in search of your dream dress!

17 de FEBRERO del 2017/Viña del Mar
, durante la Gala del Festival de Viña del Mar 2017, realizada en las afueras del Hotel Enjoy de Viña del Mar.

The challenge begins when the event you have been invited to is at night since an evening dress needs to convey total elegance. Therefore, if you are looking for the perfect evening dresses, we give you some advice when choosing the color of your dress. Take notes and get ready to find your dress!


When you have to go in search of a dress, it is not an easy task. Therefore, look for references in the latest fashion events and international network carpets.

In the last red carpet of the 2018 Oscars, new fashion trends took over all attendees. The golden color was one of those that stole the look of everyone. A clear example was Jennifer Lawrence, who chose to wear a tight gold-colored corset dress. However, one of the most shining in the night was Jennifer Garner, who with a dress with blue tail, looked elegant and glamorous. On the other hand, Zendaya, dressed in a color that nobody dared to use: brown. Her long dress and a very soft fabric attracted the gaze of many. Allison Williams decided to wear a dress inspired by the history and elegance that red carpets deserve. With a long nude dress and rhinestones included as details. Jane Fonda showed that age is not the limit to see you perfect. Her entirely white dress, with a very elegant and tight cut, looked radiant. Finally,  Paz Vega, despite being her first time on the carpet, dared to break the rules and wear a floral print dress.


Hitting the dress to go to a fashion event is an art. And it’s not a matter of choosing fashionable clothing, but you have to know how to select the color, cut, and style that suits you. Neckline. One of the most used elements in dresses is the neckline. Knowing how to select the perfect neckline helps to enhance or disguise some areas of your body, such as the waist or hip. Also, a neckline is sexy by nature, which will give you elegance and dare in a single suit.

The neckline does not escape from the most imposing carpets in the world. A clear example of that was in the last installment of the 2018 Oscar Awards. Margot Robbie bet to dazzle everyone with long sleeve dress and V-neckline. Also, Gina Rodríguez used a dress with a bold neckline up to the waist. Accompanied by a nude color and rhinestones, they managed to turn it into the protagonist of a story. While Garbiñe Muguruza brought a sensuality, dressed in black and with an asymmetrical neckline. Finally, Samara Weaving was one of the best-dressed thanks to her salmon dress that was accompanied by a defiant neckline and a Hellenic style of tulle.


The color you choose is crucial since it fulfills the role of complement to the design and cut of your dress. There is a range of exclusive colors for an evening event, so we leave you a small list of the perfect tones.

The color black is the color par excellence for a night event. It is one of the great successes of fashion for being able to convey elegance and sensuality at the same time.

The color red is a sexy and sophisticated color that gives you romanticism and elegance. There are a whole range and nuances, from a very intense red to a very soft red. A red dress will not make you go unnoticed that night.

The real blue color is a very enriching tone. It brings elegance and is within the fashion trend. This color in a neckline dress will make you dazzle.

The ultra violet color is the trend this year. A color that, in its darkest tone to the clearest, brings elegance, security, and power. Wearing a dress of this color will achieve true sensuality.

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