Non-Surgical Eyebag Reduction Options for a Rejuvenated Look

Lots of people first see our aging signs in the tiny, delicate part around our eyes. Eye bags are developed when fat and fluids build up beneath the skin around our eyes, and the thin skin surrounding our eyes usually exhibits wrinkles quicker than other parts of our face.

What Causes Eye Bags?

As you get older, your skin might begin to sag, and fat normally in the region surrounding your eye (orbit) could move underneath your eyes. Moreover, the area beneath the eyes could build fluid, causing the under-eye region to seem swollen or puffy. Numerous factors lead to or worsen this effect, such as:

  • Fluid retention, particularly after a salty meal or upon waking
  • Smoking
  • Allergies
  • Lack of sleep
  • Heredity — under-eye bags could be hereditary

Why is AGNES RF Very Effective at Dealing with Eye Bags?

To know the reason AGNES RF works very well for eyebag reduction, we must first know how eye bags develop.

The area surrounding the orbital cavity, where your eye stays, is enclosed by fatty deposits. Their primary function is to protect your eyes by cushioning them against impact and trauma.

These fat pads are often not noticeable from the skin surface; healthy skin is highly elastic and taut.

That’s because of the support structures like elastin and collagen created by fibroblasts in our dermis. Collagen is the skin connective tissue’s major structural protein that offers structure, keeping your skin taut. Meanwhile, elastin is elastic and lets your skin return to its original form after getting pinched or stretched. These two fibers work side by side to tighten your skin and keep a youthful appearance.

Nevertheless, all of these processes change when your skin gets olds. Generally, our metabolism slows down as we age. That includes the skins’ most regenerative processes, like elastin and collagen production. Our skin cannot replace damaged and old support proteins and loses its natural elasticity and tightness, ultimately sagging due to gravity.

This impact is most apparent on our faces, particularly underneath our eyes, where our skin is the thinnest. The sagging and loosened skin makes the fat pads swell into a visible bulge, creating an eye bag.

AGNES RF is effective for eye bag reduction because it targets both of the key causes of eye bags.

To begin with, the therapy works to dissolve fatty deposits underneath the eyes. The fatty tissue is heated by the RF energy generated by the microcannulas/microcannulas. The fat is broken down into tinier droplets, which are then transferred to various body areas to be metabolized.

Second, heat encourages fibroblast cells in the skin to induce rejuvenation activities such as synthesizing new collagen and elastin fibers and remodeling the current structure.

How is AGNES Eye Bag Treatment Performed?

The AGNES RF laser is utilized to apply RF energy to the under-eye bags and bags at several regulated depths. This causes the fat to melt away and collagen formation to increase.

To minimize bruising and swelling, ice packs are applied to the targeted area. The whole AGNES RF procedure takes roughly 30 minutes.

What are the Possible Benefits of AGNES RF Eye Bag Removal?

AGNES is a radio-frequency therapy that tightens your lower eyelid skin without surgery. Without incisions or scalpels, AGNES decreases the puffiness of the top eyelids and crow’s foot wrinkles.

AGNES eye bag removal therapy doesn’t necessitate anesthetic or hospitalization because it’s a non-surgical procedure.

When Can I See the Results of AGNES Eye Bag Treatment?

The best AGNES eye bag procedure outcomes take roughly 1–2 months to show. This is because collagen stimulation expects weeks, and the body needs time to metabolize the melted fat of the eye bag. However, some individuals see a difference in their under-eye wrinkles and eye bags as soon as 1-2 weeks.

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