Jewels for Men: 3 rules of use you should know

Attention: This article is written for men, although women do not have to abstain from reading it, your point of view is also welcome.

The objective of this article is to provide men with a guide to the use of jewelry, so that you can have a better command of the signals you send. For better or for worse, jewelry for men transmits signals about who we are, the commitments we have made and our status in society.

I am aware that in different cultures in the world, men use jewelry in different ways, so I will try to provide the most generalized approach. In any case I would love to tell me your own point of view regarding gold jewellery for men and the role it plays in your personal and professional environment.

 3 Rules of Use

  1. Make them simple

If in doubt, my recommendation is that you choose a simple gem if you do not like to excel too much. Once you are comfortable using generally accepted accessories, you can if you wish to start introducing other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets for men.

  1. Combination of metals

Most men’s jewelry is metallic. Gold and silver are the most common. Your clothes must have a tone that matches the metal of your jewelry, and if you use more than one jewelry, it is appropriate that they are made of the same metal.

  • Gold is a warmer color, it is associated with the sun, abundance (riches) and power. Also with the great ideals, wisdom and knowledge. It is a color that revitalizes the mind, energies and inspiration. It combines well with brown tones and other earth colors, as well as with intense colors such as navy blue or dark green.
  • The silver and silver tones of metals such as polished or chrome-platedstainless steel are neutral. Silver is also linked to money, which is why it is used as material to make coins. In some Latin American countries money is called silver. The silver represents greatness and luxury, although the main color is always gold, which symbolizes the ideal value, while silver, the material value.
  1. Understanding the meaning of the Jewels

This means that men should be careful when we wear jewelry that is “out of the norm”. It’s easy to get attention when you start to include jewelry in your daily attire. However, jewelry can add a little color and uniqueness to your wardrobe. To balance your wardrobe with your jewelry accessories, here are three recommendations:

  • Avoid ostentatious styles. It is difficult to repeat this point often enough. My recommendation for my clients is always that their metal jewelry is small and elegant. That distinguishes a man with class.
  • Use meaningful jewelry. We have already talked about wedding rings, which send the signal that you are a committed man. Other details that have a meaning can be a ring of belonging to some brotherhood or organization, a fraternal badge, jewelry with symbols of your beliefs, your profession, your philosophy of life, or your culture.  Depending on the areas in which you use them, these jewels can open doors, conversation topics and new personal relationships.
  • Choose the right occasion to wear your best jewelry:Save your best jewelry for the great occasions of your life. Personally when I have to attend an important event I take out of their respective boxes, my watch and my favorite designer cufflinks. It is advisable to have specific gems for specific events, each situation and environment, just as it requires a type of wardrobe. It also demands a unique type of jewelry to send the appropriate message.
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