Inside the Jewelry Box: Impressive Collections of Famous Women

Jewelry is not only nice to look at and wear, but the artistic skills that went behind their creation also deserve admiration. With the refined skills of talented jewelers, rough gemstones and precious metal ingots turn into exceptional pieces. They’re simply true artists.

Wearing jewelry is the right finishing touch that can make any outfit look more put together. Most women mainly use custom jewelry pieces for accessorizing, while others believe these ornaments have more function beyond style. Apart from being quality investments you can get from Utah and other parts of the world, jewelry pieces may serve as a symbol of the wearer’s social status. It’s most certainly true in the case of these three iconic women.

It isn’t surprising that many of the most powerful and influential women in the world own an impressive collection of jewelry pieces. Here are three of the most enviable women on Earth, at least in terms of jewelry ownership:

Queen Elizabeth II, monarch

Her collection is so extensive it needs a special room, and it’s not just any other room. It needs one as big as an ice rink to keep them locked safely inside the Buckingham Palace. Excluding the British Crown Jewels, this queen’s personal jewelry collection is estimated to be worth $57 million, consists mostly of personal gifts. Yes, she’s got some generous friends.

One of the highlights of the collection is a 352.50-carat spinel called Timur Ruby. Its previous owners’ names — mostly Mughal emperors — are inscribed in it.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Among the late princess’ famous Diana jewels, the one that she’s most remembered for, was her engagement ring. Personally chosen by Diana herself, the famous ring became as iconic as its owner. It was picked from a selection presented by Garrard Jewelers, and it was considered a rare choice for someone about to be a member of the royal family. This is because, at that time, anyone could purchase the same item from the jeweler’s catalog. Even a regular girl and not a princess-to-be can have her own piece of a royal jewel.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s wife, and one of the best style icons of this generation, now owns this ring.

Elizabeth Taylor, British-American actress

Like the Queen of England’s collection, the jewelry pieces owned by one of the greatest screen actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age consist largely of gifts. The actress received the 69.42-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond and the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond from Richard Burton, actor and her on-and-off husband.

Another one of Burton’s gifts is the heart-shaped yellow diamond. This was originally a gift from Shah Jahan in 1621 to his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. This lady inspired one of India’s treasured wonders, the Taj Mahal.

These are just some of the most iconic jewelry pieces owned by equally iconic women in history. If you’re looking into starting your own jewelry collection, you can start small. It doesn’t always have to cost more than your entire wardrobe. Invest in some pieces you’ll know will last for many years and will work with whatever style of clothing you wish to have.

Meta Title: The Jewelry Collection of Famous Women

Meta Description: The most iconic women in history aren’t only known for their beauty and skills; they usually have an equally impressive jewelry collection. These are just some of our favorites.

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