Fresh Long Pixie Cut for Any Hair Type

It is with no lingering doubt that the shorter hairstyles are the ones trending right now. For the sight of many women, the shorter is the best term to use when talking about haircuts. Many ladies opt for the short and long pixie cut because they are unable to maintain long hair. They usually live a chaotic lifestyle and realize that the only best option for them is to switch to short hair.

However, some women prefer short hair regardless of their lifestyles. You will also be surprised to note that most celebs prefer short hairstyles too. There are a wide variety of short and long pixie cut to choose from. Take a look at our list.

  1. Pixie Cut with Bangs

This is a typical, immaculate and sensual pixie cut. To achieve this look augment bangs with a classic pixie. It is composed of one elongated side, and the other side is shorter. Despite the fact that this is a short style, it is highly versatile. You can wear it down or up.

  1. Extended, Messy Cut with Highlights and Bangs

Opt for this extended pixie cut with bangs and highlights. This is a suitable haircut for those who don’t want to have too short haircut yet need full texture and light fringe.

  1. Short Cut for Natural Curls

This is a romantic for natural hair. Expose your beautiful curls with this short pixie haircut. It is effortless to maintain, and it is ideal for any event.

  1. Blonde Pixie Cut with Extended Bangs

Do you want a total change for your style? Give a shot to this cut. Applying a dye on your hair and having long pixie cut with side bangs gives you a great appeal. One side is kept longer than the other and that works well. Having a new haircut is a unique experience itself, however when you opt for the radical change and apply dye on your hair, which gives you a great feel.

  1. Longer Pixie Cut and Undercut

This pixie cut accentuates your face. If you opt for this style, it shows off your gorgeous facial features. Similarly, it gives you a chance to have long hair to grab anytime you want. Most ladies who opt to have a chop to any pixie cut, choose long pixie cut before going for conventional shorter pixie cuts. The rationale behind this is that they are unsure if the short style will match them well. There is a high probability that they will immediately visit hairdresser to have a short pixie cut.

  1. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

These are very common haircuts. It is a haircut that can be worn all the year round and looks great in any outfit. It is a sassy and girly haircut.

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